Iolo System Shield 4.0 Antivirus


Iolo System Shield 4.0 Antivirus Review

Iolo’s System Mechanic is the top rated PC tuneup software and now they’re trying to take the antivirus market with their antivirus software. System Shield 4.0 is a welcome improvement over their last version. They’ve improved the virus detection and blocking feature of the software. This is one of the best features of any antivirus and the most critical. Let’s face it, who cares about a software’s virus removal rate if the software blocks the most virus.

While there isn’t a option to scan only a file or folder, you must run full scan only. This is an inconvenience if you feel an urgent need to check a file after a download. Again this software excels at blocking virus so this may not be necessary.

Email detection is disabled by default so remember to enable it after installation. This antivirus software is a bargain compared to the large expensive suites available on the market today.