Whats the Difference between a Trojan a Virus or Spyware


Whats the Difference between a Trojan, a Virus, or Spyware? – Free Virus Scan to Detect PC Risks and Threats Comprehensively


Internet security risks and threats are varied.  Generally, they are classified into two- virus infections and malicious software threats.  From these general classifications come the trojan as well as the spyware.  It is crucial that you know the difference and how free virus scan can form part of your PC protection against these rogues.

For ordinary folks or non-geeks, they know all malicious software (malware) as virus.  However, there is a difference between viruses and other security threats or malware.  For purposes of discussion, compare virus, trojan, and spyware and find out the difference among these threats.


Virus and trojan are often confused with each other and interchanged.  You must know that they are two different threats.  Virus normally infects your computer through attaching to programs and files and spreading rapidly when they replicate.  They leave their paths infected.  For the virus to infect your computer, it needs your intervention for activation.

Trojan, on the other hand, disguises itself as a relevant program that comes from legitimate sources.  However, when you run the program with the Trojan on it, you are opening your pc to malicious attacks from users who will steal your information and even your identity.  Unlike virus, trojans do not have the capability of replicating themselves or infecting files and spreading rapidly.  A typical free virus scan can eliminate both threats.

Meanwhile, spyware may have now taken its own identity, but there are still those that confuse them with viruses.  While both can launch malicious attacks on your pc, they have different purposes.  A virus is meant to spread rapidly to infect as many files, programs, and computers as possible.  Spyware on the other hand, intends to malinger and stay in its host- your pc.  They will hide in your system and will spy on your internet habits and behavior and submit the information to the rogues that have embedded them on your pc.

Virus, trojan, and spyware are all malicious programs that mean to do damage not only to your files and programs, application, or to you computer, but these threats also intend to put your personal information at risk or worse assume your identity to mess with your finances.  Viruses are typically easy to detect, while spyware can be very hard to discover.

One of the first defenses you can put up against these security threats is the use of a free virus scan.  Online, there are services that can scan your pc and detect viruses and trojans but may not be able to address spyware.  However, there are a few that can include detection of spyware.  Find the most reliable anti-malware program to ensure that you have sufficient protection for your pc.

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