Best Anti-virus 2012


Best Anti-virus 2012 – Why You Should Choose the Best Free Anti-Virus for 2012


If you are to use a free security protection program, it is wise to choose the best free antivirus for 2012.  This is because you will enjoy from new features to meet the needs and demands of the times.  You should not think that just because these are free programs, they are all similar in what they can do.  There are programs that are just superior to others even when they are free. 


Anti-virus software are programs you install and run automatically on your computer to provide protection against security risks and threats as you browse the internet.  You do not want to risk exposing your computer to infections you can get from emails, instant messengers, visiting websites, or downloading programs online. 

 However, these programs can be costly.  If you do not have the budget to get one of these paid software programs, you might as well use free anti-virus you can find from the internet.  Choose from the best software for 2012 to enjoy maximum protection you can get from free programs.  These are programs that have the latest virus definitions and some new features that increase protection against threats. 

 What can help you in making your choice is to visit websites that specialize in internet security and protection as well as free software programs.  These websites have their list of top antivirus programs in both the free and paid categories.  You can also find the pros and cons of each program based on reviews and ratings, and from there, choose the best free antivirus for 2012.

 Find the free anti-virus software that can meet the internet security requirements of 2012, and the closest to match your preferences.  While these programs all intend to help protect your computer against new security threats, they each have their own distinct features.  You also have to see to it that the program you choose is one that is compatible with your system. 

 Evaluate the software against the following factors prior to choosing:  reliability of performance, comprehensiveness of detection, extensiveness of security and protection, and ease of usability and navigation.  You may also want to see how online users like you rate the program.  In forums, the anti-virus users get to discuss freely what they like and hate about their respective software. 

 You have so many choices for the best anti-virus programs.  At the end the day, it is up to your good judgment and preferences which among these programs you think will best serve its purpose.  As long as you exercise diligence and care in choosing, you can always benefit from 2012 best free antivirus programs.

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